Emsella is FDA-approved for treating urinary incontinence non-invasively. In this procedure, high-intensity focused electromagnetics (HIFEM) stimulate muscle contractions in the pelvic floor and neuromuscular control. Gaining bladder control can also be achieved by strengthening your deep pelvic floor muscles.

The Emsella chair (sometimes called the Kegel throne) is used to treat Emsella patients while they are fully clothed. Your pelvic muscles contract 11,200 times involuntarily during one session as electromagnetic energy is emitted from the seat of the chair. Kegel exercises are painless, but these contractions are more powerful.

Most patients find relief from urinary incontinence with Emsella. As a result of this treatment, you will be less likely to urinate while sneezing, coughing, laughing, or exercising. Using Emsella reduced the need to plan trips and outings based on restroom locations.

Benefits of Emsella include:

  • No recovery or downtime
  • During treatment in the chair, you can wear your own clothes
  • Reduces the need for invasive surgery
  • Chronic lower back pain may even be relieved for some people
  • Improved orgasms for both men and women
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FAQs: Emsella

Who is Emsella good for? 

Incontinence is more common among women, but men can also suffer from it. Emsella can be used by both men and women of any age who suffer from urinary incontinence and want to improve their quality of life.

How quickly will I notice results from Emsella?

Incontinence will improve after the first session. Most patients feel results after three to six sessions, although your symptoms may worsen before they begin to improve due to some initial muscle fatigue in your pelvic floor.

How long do results from Emsella treatments last?

When you do daily Kegel exercises at home, which mimic pelvic floor muscle contractions, you may be able to prolong your results for about six months after treatment. It is recommended that you perform your daily Kegels during the first six treatments, which Emsella should help you do stronger and more consistently.

Will I need any downtime with Emsella?

Emsella is a non-invasive procedure that requires no preparation or recovery time. There is no downtime after Emsella treatments.

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