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For our skin to maintain its elasticity and vitality, it produces collagen and elastin, structural proteins that keep it looking smooth, supple, and taut. However, the production of these two crucial youth-boosting proteins gradually declines as we age, resulting in the formation of wrinkles, lines, and folds. Other factors like smoking and sun damage also speed up skin aging.

These changes are natural, but that doesn’t mean we’re happy to see them. Skin blemishes and imperfections can prematurely age your complexion, make you look chronically tired or rundown, and give you an appearance that doesn’t reflect how you really feel: youthful, confident, and ready to take on the world.

Potenza RF Micro Needling can be combined with PRF also known as “the Vampire facial” to help boost collagen and elastin production.

Skin tightening is a nonsurgical procedure that stimulates collagen and elastin production to revive your skin. With a skin tightening treatment at Peninsula Glow Medical Spa in Monterey, CA, you can trigger your skin’s natural repair process for a beautiful, youthful appearance. To schedule a skin tightening treatment with one of our caring nurse providers, please give us a call at (831) 233-3143 today!

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What Is Skin Tightening?

Skin tightening procedures are cosmetic treatments that can improve your image. There are many types of skin tightening treatments, including therapies that use ultrasound, intense pulsed light (IPL) and radiofrequency (RF). At Peninsula Glow Medical Spa, we use a device known as Potenza, which combines the power of microneedling and RF for comprehensive rejuvenation.

Microneedling treatments utilize very tiny needles to create small holes in the skin. When the Potenza device is applied to the skin surface, it releases ultrafine needles that penetrate the epidermis (the skin’s upper layer), causing micro-injuries that initiate the skin’s natural healing response. This healing process stimulates the body’s collagen and elastin production, which can improve the texture and appearance of the skin. In the process, the Potenza device releases RF energy, which enters deeper layers of the skin to produce even more dramatic results.

Skin tightening with Potenza is an FDA-approved treatment for anywhere on the face and body. The unique RF microneedling device delivers energy at either the 1 MHZ or 2 MHZ frequency levels, allowing for a versatile treatment that can address both deep and superficial cosmetic concerns. In addition, the device features two modes: monopolar and bipolar. The monopolar mode can treat a large area, heating deep tissues to firm the skin. The bipolar mode is more concentrated, making it ideal for treating smaller, more targeted concerns.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate?

Skin tightening with RF microneedling is appropriate for patients with some skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, or sun-damaged skin. The treatment works for men and women of all skin tones and types. RF microneedling is unique because it works well on darker skin tones, which many other skin rejuvenating treatments cannot treat safely. RF microneedling is not recommended for those who are pregnant, have had a treatment that utilizes radiation in the past year, or have an open wound or skin infection in their desired treatment area.


– Fine lines and wrinkles

– Large pores

– Acne scars

– Loose skin

– Stretch marks

– A dull skin tone

– Irregular skin texture

During an initial consultation with our Nurse Practitioner, your medical history, current medications, and treatment goals will be reviewed to ensure your candidacy.

Tighten Your Skin to Create a More Youthful You at Peninsula Glow Medical Spa

It’s inevitable: your skin will age, causing wrinkles, sagging and other unwanted changes in your complexion. Potenza RF microneedling achieves long-lasting results by working in the deeper layers of the skin, providing more than just topical rejuvenation. By addressing the underlying causes of aging and other skin concerns, this treatment encourages the skin to repair itself naturally and offers more profound, more effective results.

The best way to decide whether skin tightening with Potenza is right for you is to visit a practitioner who specializes in skin rejuvenation. At Peninsula Glow Medical Spa, experienced treatment providers offer the latest in anti-aging treatments and other aesthetic services. Their passion is helping clients look better and feel better through attentive, personalized care that addresses their unique needs.

Contact us today at (831) 233-3143 to schedule a consultation and learn more about skin tightening at Peninsula Glow Medical Spa in Monterey, CA.

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