3 Amazing Things Kybella Could Do For Beauty

Sometimes, no matter how hard you do your diet and exercise, the fat doesn’t seem to go away. Most of us want to change that, but perhaps genetics doesn’t allow you to remove your stubborn double chin fat or the bra bulges. To resolve this issue, you should consider Kybella cosmetic treatment. When people hear about removing fat through cosmetic treatment, many assume that it involves surgeries. Not only are these surgeries expensive, but they may also leave scar tissues, and downtime is quite long. You might need to leave work for several weeks.

The sound of all that is dreadful, but you won’t have to do that thanks to modern techniques and technology. We can effectively remove double chin, bra bulges, and other excess fat that isn’t be removed through diet and exercise alone. Effectively making you slim and lose a bit of weight. Before you go and try out the treatment, be well informed about it first. Does it work? Is it effective as advertised? How could Kybella change your beauty? You will find out the explanations for these questions if you continue reading.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is your alternative to those scary fat removal surgeries, which means there are no incisions. You are only going to need several injections, and that’s it! As easy as that to permanently remove the stubborn fat! It’s your go-to noninvasive treatment if there are any areas that you need to remove fat. Need to remove stubborn fat anywhere in your body? Kybella can do it for you—simply name the areas you want fixing!

If you know dermal fillers and Botox treatments, the procedure will be similar, as we will show you later. Kybella is a safe injectable formula injected into your skin, and the FDA approves it. Kybella is the commercial name of the formula, and its real name is deoxycholic acid. This acid naturally occurs in our bodies, typically in our stomachs. Since it’s natural, there are slim chances of rejections, allergies, and side effects.

What Role Deoxycholic Acid Plays In Your Body?

We will use the same formula that exists in your stomach and put it underneath the skin. Of course, we will be placing a synthetic formula, but the molecular structure is essentially the same. But why is that? As you might’ve guessed already, deoxycholic acid is one of the acids that assist in food digestion. This very same acid is the acid responsible for melting the fat in the food you eat. However, it doesn’t melt all the fat away—that’s why we still have fat stores in our bodies.

Plus, the formula is not a stranger to your body, so there are fewer risks of your immune system attacking it, which may diminish its effectiveness. The formula is relatively straightforward, so there are fewer chances of complications.

How Does It Work In Our Skin?

The deoxycholic acid’s role in our stomach is why we will put that into our skin. As mentioned, it melts fat, so we will take those properties and apply them to the fat underneath the skin. Once the Kybella is underneath the skin, it will immediately attack the fat cell membranes, slowly dissolving them. This process is very similar to how deoxycholic acid works in your stomach. However, this time, all of the action occurs under the skin.

What Happens During A Kybella Treatment?

Kybella treatment is relatively straightforward, but to ensure that you minimize its effectiveness, you need to know what to expect.

Consultation And Preparation

You will have a consultation; first, they will discuss why you want the treatment and what you can expect. Do note that Kybella is not a solution against obesity. To be applicable for the Kybella treatment, you need to put effort into a proper diet and exercise first. Until to the point that only the stubborn fat deposits remain. We need to inject the Kybella into the appropriate skin layer safely. The more fat deposits there are, the harder it is to identify and safely reach the appropriate layer.


The treatment will involve injecting the Kybella into whichever area you want. Typically, most patients ask for this treatment for removing bra bulges and double chin. But before the treatment, they will cleanse the area and apply some anesthesia, roughly taking around 30 minutes to work. Next, they will mark the sites that need work. Finally, the injections start, and it will at least take 30 to 50 injections per area. It will take time for the fats to melt, taking weeks to do so.

3 Amazing Things Kybella Can Do For Your Beauty

Here are some of the advantages you take advantage of if you try Kybella right now.

Permanent Results

Kybella will decimate the fat cells. Ultimately, these fat cells that have been affected by Kybella will be washed out of your system. There are no fat cells that will replace the lost ones. Yes, you’ve heard that right, there won’t be new ones! The results are permanent; once these cells are gone, they can’t grow back. However, it will only stay that way forever if you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It can grow back if you are not carefully monitoring your weight gains.

Make You Slimmer

If fat deposits can’t be removed through your diet and exercise, remove them through Kybellla. Belly fat, fatty folds, jawline, armpit fat, bra bulges—you name it! Kybella can remove those. The result would be that it will make you slimmer permanently. To the point, if you are working out, you can see your muscle lines and other body definitions.

Healthier And Younger Looking

To a certain extent, fat deposits can make us appear older. Since we can remove the fat away, you can appear younger and more vibrant, especially since double chin is often associated with aging despite not always being necessarily the case.


Kybella can enhance your beauty and remove unwanted fat. If you currently are interested in a Kybella treatment or want a consultation, reach out to Peninsula Grow. They will offer you services that are suitable to your needs and wants.