Acne: What Causes Acne & The Best Skin Care Tips To Prevent It?

If you wouldn’t want to have it on your face, probably that’s an Acne. Though it may seem unbearable, there are specific ways you can prevent them from appearing on your face. Of course, one best solution is through the power of skincare. If you’re one of those people who’s struggling to find acne solutions, then this post will help you figure everything out.

Learn about the factors and causes of acne to show up and discover the best skincare tips here. Scroll down for more information

What is Acne?

To start with, understanding what acne is all about would be essential. Acne is a usual skin condition that happens when a hair follicle beneath the skin becomes clogged. Dead and oil skin cells clog the pores, resulting in a breakout point. Usually, these outbreaks happen on the face, but they can also appear on your shoulders, chest, and back.

For some, acne goes away on their own, and with the time they reach their thirties. However, some people still encounter such breakouts until the fifties, which may cause severe skin problems.

The Types of Acne

While it is true that acne may seem similar, the fundamental factor is that they are not. It goes on a different type to which also has various causes. For example, there are acne called whiteheads that stay under your skin and create a white bump. Blackheads, on the other hand, reach and open up the surface of your skin.

There is also acne that appears in pink and small bumps, which can be tender to touch. Some have a yellow or white pus-filled lesion that may be red. Or, there are large, solid lesions that go deep within the skin. At the same time, there is also acne that causes too much pain, pus-filled lesions, and deep wounds. Now that you know that there are different types, will there be any chances of not having acne? Let’s find it out here below.

What Kind of People Get Acne?

There are no boundaries to getting acne. All races and ages can have this condition, especially with young and teen adults. But when acne shows up during adolescence, it is more common in males. Yet, remember that acne can continue into adulthood, which is more common in women.

What Causes Acne To Show Up?

If you’re someone who hasn’t experienced having any breakouts, then lucky you! Most people would have gone through severe stages where they needed to hide their faces among the crowd. In general, there will always be factors and causes why acne happens. And here are the following reasons on how things can lead to having acne:

  • Build up of dead skin cells in the pore
  • Growth of bacteria in the skin
  • Too much oil in the pore

Other factors may also include:

  • Age
  • Medications
  • Hormones & Family History

Contrary, if you experience having acne and it suddenly goes away, these factors can cause your acne’s reappear again and make it worse.

  • Stress & Certain Foods
  • High Humidity & Pollution
  • Picking at Pimples
  • Scrubbing your skin too hard

Skin Care Tips To Treat Acne

Encountering acne at a very unexpected time would at least turn your panics into a high level. Though it can’t be uncontrollable, there are many ways to start taking care of yourself in treating this acne. As stated above, it’s all about having a skincare routine to follow each day!

If you’re onto it, see some of these best tips that you can try, whether you are at home or not!

Wash Your Face Properly

First things first, cleansing your face is the thing you must never forget. It is essential to eliminate the excess oil, sweat, and dirt on your skin regularly. But did you know that washing your face more than twice can make your acne situation worse? However, it is highly recommended not to wash your face with rough cleansers that may dry your skin.

As much as possible, use an alcohol-free cleanser for a safer procedure. There are a lot of tips online in which you can properly wash your face. Still, we all have different needs and skin types, so it would be best to go with something that might soothe your condition. Or, if you have no time left, go to the nearest clinic and have some facial treatment for yourself!

Moisturize Your Skin

Apart from cleansing it, you must also moisturize your skin. Like keeping your body hydrated, your skin also deserves this kind of treatment. However, take note that some moisturizers include synthetic fragrance, oil, or other ingredients that may irritate your skin. Of course, you wouldn’t want to cause damage and worsen your acne problem with this matter.

So to avoid those instances, you can use fragrance-free or non-comedogenic moisturizers after you wash your face. It will also be best to try when your skin feels suddenly dry.

Limit Putting a Make-up

Though it might be tempting to put make-up on every day and be at your best, avoiding this thing can make your skin a lot better. Remember, putting too much make-up may trigger breakouts and clog pores. Still, if you wish to put one on, go with make-ups with natural and organic ingredients.

Another tip is to avoid having a heavy foundation or greasy products on your face. This part can activate some factors that may trigger your acne. Make-ups that are fragrance-free, sheer, and non-comedogenic are always best to try.

Reduce Your Stress

More often than not, it is not with the foods that we eat, the make-ups we put on, or the skincare products that we use. Sometimes, it’s all about how you take life! Stress is one of the most significant contributors to why acne happens and makes it worse. When you’re stressed, your body generates more oil-stimulating hormones, resulting in breakouts.

As much as you can, keep yourself busy and try something new! Do some yoga, meditate, or exercise with friends! Indeed, it will help you recover and stay healthy all the time!

Final Thoughts

Acne is one of the common problems most people encounter, whether in the teen or adult stage. Yes, it might be stressful to think of this, especially if you’re having breakouts on your face. Thus, there are still many ways on how you can manage and prevent having acne.

For instance, you can start by eating right, reducing stress, or not popping those pimples around the affected area. If you need professional help, don’t think twice to reach out and consult a healthcare provider who can help you with your problem.

No matter what kind of treatment you plan to take on healing your acne, patience is still the key. Of course, if you pair that value with consistency, everything will fall into place! Good luck on your journey, and may you achieve the best of your goal!